Email Marketing Made Simple

We keep hearing the Email is dead, but how many emails did you read today?  Emails from customers, vendors, employees, prospects, coaches, and more.  Email isn’t dead, it’s just harder than ever to earn a valuable spot in your recipient’s inbox. Let us help you run campaigns that deliver to your intended recipients and deliver results to you.

Why Email

Email has been around for a long time.  It is one of the most mature digital marketing mediums.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes use email daily for transaction and marketing messages.  They continue to use it, because it works.

But most businesses don’t know how to use email as a marketing tool.  They know how to send one-off emails. But they don’t know the first thing about how to hit a customer’s inbox. That is where MS Digital Solutions can help. We have dozens of years of experience sending emails that get delivered and deliver results.

Your List, Our Process

  1. List Validation – you spend less when you aren’t sending to email addresses that can’t receive your message. We accept lists directly from a few trusted partners that we know are using and cleaning thier lists on a regular basis. All other lists are validated. This protects you sending reputation and saves you money.
  2. Server Validation – When we set up your account, we don’t just plug in an outbound email address, we take the time to validate our server as an authorized sender on your domain. We do this with all of our clients so our server remains clean and off of the blacklists.
  3. Managed Volume – We don’t send out campaigns on top of one another. We stagger our sends across all of our clients so individual server’s aren’t getting bombarded with a high volume of messages.
  4. Keep it Simple – Big, pretty graphics and lots of stylish flourishes, you won’t find these things on our emails.  The higher the percentage of HTML in your message, the higher your risk of a message being seen as spam. We run pretty plain messages that look more like the emails that individuals send to one another and are more likely to actually reach an inbox. We will help you craft and test messages that deliver and deliver results.

Email Made Easy

We manage the servers, the lists, the messages, and the sending.  You respond to your customers. Don’t spend your time managing systems and processes you don’t understand! Spend it growing your business.

To get started, we just need your list and what yo wnat to say.  Pricing is volume based. So just tell us a little about your list and what frequency you want to engage the audienceand we can get you a quote.

Our Other Services

MS Digital Solutions offers services that allow businesses to worry less about  their Digital Footprint and spend more time making thier business a success. These include:

  • Website Design (WordPress)
  • Website Support and Maintenance (WordPress)
  • Website Integrations
    • Email Marketing
    • Scheduling
    • eCommerce
    • Real Estate
    • CRM
    • and more…
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Programs
    • Blogs
    • Video
    • Podcasts
    • Social Media
    • and more…

Lets Get Started

Are you ready to proceed?  Still have questions that we need to address for you? Let us know how can help deliver results with your email campaigns.

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